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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Math Workshop

Math Workshop

2,4,6,8 Who do we appreciate? Carson Dellosa!
Have you been thinking about math workshop? Are you already doing it? Do you need some ideas and some support? Ready to take the plunge? Carson Dellosa has your back!

The new Math Workshop book from Carson Dellosa can help – no matter what stage you are in. They covered lots of information in a concise way and an easy to use way. I’m somewhere in the middle of Math Workshop. I try to do it as often as possible, but some days just don’t go as planned. Some days we can’t handle the centers, some days a whole group lesson goes longer than I thought, some days a fire drill throws everything off. It happens. It’s real life.

CD has set up the book in a very user-friendly way. There is an explanation of what Math Workshop is – my thinking has always been to run it like Reading Workshop. Just different material being worked on.  Just like Literacy – warm-up, mini-lesson, rotations/groups and closure. I personally set up my math stations just like my literacy stations. I have a separate center rotation chart (different combinations of students- we don’t want them to only be working with one student!). They also learn who is a good person to ask for help in the different subjects – we all have our specialties.  I think this helps the students with consistency also. There is nothing new or different that they need to do – helps makes them be an expert in the classroom.

Math Workshop tells what it can look like. It gives the foundation – you can take it from there and make it your own. It shares ideas on how to manage it. As I said, I manage it just like my literacy stations. There is a rotation chart. The tubs have numbers on them – get it, it’s math! Lol They are grouped heterogeneously. They have different activities in the tubs. I try to use the same type of games so they don’t need a huge set of explanations every time we get new centers. I usually try to change them the beginning of every month- but that is just me. You can do what you want. 😊 They use the smartboard. They use the student laptops for math games. I call the groups back that I need to see and work on the skills they need. Doesn’t have to be harder because it’s different.  CD gives you lots of planning pages also. Planning for the teacher and planning for the students. It’s all there. Of course, the book is divided up by the five topics of math – counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking, number operations in base ten, measurement and data and geometry. Under each topic there are numerous lessons -all planned! They give you several pages to use for the rotations. Yes, they are in black and white, but you can make them brighter by using some colored paper. You could put them in sheet protectors or laminate them, so you don’t have to run off a class set. Options people, options! They did a great job with the lessons too! Essential Questions, warm-ups, mini-lesson, math talk, journal prompt, materials, workstation pages, guided math lessons for the groups (above, on and below level) and how to assess and extend. WHOA! IT’s done for you! And then, you can use the same basis to continue! Great format! The only downfall I see is that there isn’t a blank lesson page for me to fill in if I need more. I think I will manage! Lol

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

December Monthly Collection

December Monthly Collection

Life is all about being digital now. So why not Carson Dellosa books? Remember having all those open ended and seasonal worksheet books? Well, now Carson-Dellosa has those as printable downloads! Its a small blast from the past!

The December one covers lots of skills. I know we are all trying to get away from worksheets, but sometimes you just need one! They are great as a quick review, as a five minute filler (who really ever has five free minutes???), as a quick homework page, or as a guick assessment.  These are awesome because they come in color and black and white. So it doesnt matter what your printing options are, they have you covered. I like this December one because it is not all Christmasy. It has more of a winter theme that can last a little longer. Maybe in January it will be helpful as we are all trying to get back into morning school mode! Haha Cutting and pasting are still skills we need to teach and they need to learn! So this little bargain will be helpful!

 I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

Holiday Fun

Holiday Fun

December – like it or not- it’s here! I love this month despite the craziness. I even wish (sometimes) it could be a little longer because there is so much to do in it! So many cute ideas all over! What a great way to learn and have fun! Plus, I really think this is when we finally start gelling as a class. We finally start figuring everything out. I am glad when it’s over though too because that means time with my adult children! I love when they come home – most days! LOL

I’m loving this little set Holiday Fun from Carson Dellosa for a bulletin board or more. They call it mini – but it’s 55 pieces! 

So many cute things included. I love all the Gingerbread Man stuff in it. That’s my favorite stuff we do. He runs away! Can you believe that? Then he sends us packages from around the world telling us about different holidays. This set is perfect for that! We can use the signs to label the countries that he has visited as we show off the projects that we make.  There are 30 presents – so we can use them for student names to label work, kindness activities, behavior incentives. The list can go on – kinda like Santa’s list! The matching border makes it so easy to look like we spent all our time decorating, but really we spent all our time working with our students!  I love that there are coordinating stickers too! Teachers do like to stick to a theme, don’t we?

 We could make center activities with this too. The kids would love to use the presents on a ten frame! How many packages did you get?? It does make a great, quick, easy, pretty display for the holidays. You can use it all in one place or spread out the cheer in the room. 

Holidays are crazy, busy and fun! This set helps with all of that!

 I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Science Interactive Notebook

Click the title to go to the website. 

These interactive notebooks are HOT! They make so much sense too! Carson Dellosa is helpful with this!
Their Interactive Notebook series is great! They are well organized, give tons of useful tips, have ways to get started, keeping them organized, planning them out and even grading them.

The Interactive Notebook Science for kindergarten is fun! It covers Life Science, Physical Science and Earth and Space Science. It works with my curriculum. It works with my standards. They won’t be doing the same type page over and over. They mix it up! There are pockets, folds, flaps, petals and accordion folds. The book even has some templates for you to make your own if you need.

Carson Dellosa has this interactive notebook thing covered!

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program from Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Data Tracking

Keeping Track of All the Data
Teachers are held accountable to the students, the parents and the school districts. We need to make sure that we are showing growth in our students. We need to be able to show this. We also need to plan what our students need to know. We need to make sure we know what we have done and where we are going. The students need to be able to see what growth they are making. They need to be able to see what they need and where they are going.
Tracking data helps us.
Tracking data helps the students.
Tracking data proves what we are doing and where we are going.
Tracking data gives us support and the students support.

Data Binders or Data Notebooks whatever you call them- will help with all of this. They can be work to set them up in the beginning, but once you think it through about how you want it set up, what you will include in it, and how they will be used and stored – it will be worth it. Just like everything – planning is key to implementation.

Some things to think about:
·       Will you use binders or folders?
·       Will the students keep them?
·       Will you keep one and the students keep one?
·       Will you keep all the students in one binder?
·       Where will you store them?
·       How will you update items?
·       How often?
·       How will you introduce them to the students?
·       Will you do any recognition for their successes?
·       What pages or assessments will you include?
·       Are you going to have a whole class section and individual student sections?
·       Are you going to jump in with everything or start with one topic?
There are pros and cons to all of these ideas. You are going to have to decide on your own.

Managing the Binders
·       Put the effort in the setting up.
·       Think it through. What do you really want/need in it?
·       Think about the order that the assessments are done for report cards. Put the tracker in that order. That way you are ready for filling out report cards and not flipping pages.
·       Use number tabs for the students. Don’t redo them every year.  Keep a class list in the front with each child’s number and name.
·       Put your state standards, common core standards, district curriculum in it. Whatever you need or use.
·       Color code! Always fun and always helpful. J Keep everything in the class room that color coded system. The math pages are blue – then blue bins for stations, blue paper for focus wall. Have fun with that and run with the theme.
·       Color pens are also a good tool to use! Each color should be used for a different assessment time.
·       Set a time every week to update the information. Keep notes throughout the week, then update on one day. Use the same markings consistently.

Keeping the results in mind is important. Remember that it can be a work in progress. Start small. As you find something that you think you could add or change make a note of it for next year. Post it notes are our friend. J Keep track of what you have done and when you did it. Use checklists. Share it with the students! Share your ideas and let them add their ideas – sometimes they come up with better ideas then we do. They know what helps them. Keep it simple. Share it with your administrator also. Let them give you some ideas that they would like to see. Does your district have expectations for data? Keep those in mind. Make sure to look at that data as you make your plans. Use them as you plan for the marking period and for the week. You will be amazed at how individualized you can make your lessons. You will not be teaching things that do not need taught – you will know who already has that skill. You can focus on what needs to be worked on.

Keeping that data in one place for all to use should make us feel proud of what we have been doing. It will also help when we need to get some extra help and support for our students. We will be able to prove it all!
The Classroom Data Tracking books from Carson Dellosa are filled with all of the help you need to get started or move up to the next level. There are pages for the whole class, assessment pages and pages for the students to keep track of their data.

To get all this done go to Carson Dellosa and get this resource! 

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program from Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free. media type=f389e45b92884d48844baaf09d49e3c5


Monday, October 23, 2017

Meeting and Assessing Those Standards

WOW! This book has a lot in it's 96 pages! All those big reading comprehension standards are covered. This will be so useful to help assess and form groups by skills. There are skill assessment and practice pages - story elements, summarizing, compare and contrast, cause and effect, and inferring are all covered. I think the best part is the skill assessment analysis. Use that DATA! It shows the skill, the standard, the assessment item and the practice pages. It's organized and done for us! THANK YOU Carson Dellosa! This is NOT for the beginning of the year. You may need to use this whole group or individually as a teacher. We need to use our teacher judgement. We may look at it and have it spark an idea for a class lesson that is more hands on. This is the age we live in. These are the standards we are responsible for. We need to make the best of it and show our students how they can succeed. This will be a great tool for that, I believe. 

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program from Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Every Student Will Be A Ninja Word Attacker!

 What a great, helpful bulletin board set! There are very helpful anchor charts for learning all those tricky rules to figure out words. It is a very cute theme - pandas "attacking" the words. Great way to hook the students into their learning. These posters are great reminders for all those rules I've forgotten over the years. LOL  They have an anchor chart for silent letters, syllable codes (never knew these till I taught second grade), vowel teams, r-controlled, silent e and ways to figure out a word. These will be a little hard for the kinders to use but from first grade up- they will be great! I will be using these as a resource for me as I'm teaching. 

 Lots of product here too for the money - 4 large posters, 2 small posters, 4 pandas and 4 stars. Oh, and the resource guide. The guide has some great bulletin board ideas and a great bookmark to give the students. Way to go @Carson-Dellosa!

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program from Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free.