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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Language Arts Interactive Notebooks from CD

The Interactive Notebook Language Arts K from Carson Dellosa is so much fun! The more hands on, the better! This is a great resource to keep those little ones busy and learning. They won’t even know they are learning – best part!

There are great tips about setting up interactive notebooks, record keeping and organization. We have seen many different ideas on the web. Do what feels right for you! You don’t have to do a notebook. You can just use the resources. You can go big or you can go small. Start where you feel comfortable and move from there.

This book covers the basics in kindergarten. Starts with the alphabet, goes to vowels, word families and sight words. It has parts of speech and sentence writing. It has literature and Informational text features. One of the best parts, to me, is it has reproducibles included. That means if I can’t find exactly what I want, I can make it. I can make it without starting from scratch! The template is there and I add what I want. The students will already know what to do with the page also, because they will have already seen something like it on another topic. Life is good when they know what to do!

We are coming up on the end of school in about 30 days!!! I can’t even believe that! It’s always hard to keep them occupied. These are the type of resources I like to look back on at the end of the year and see if there are any we didn’t do yet. They always work as a great review and they keep them busy!

I love the idea of notebooks because at the end of the year, they go home. Parents may take a little more time to look through a whole book and see what their child did. Sometimes when I send one paper home, I wonder if anyone looks at it. I also like sending home the notebook, because parents can see how much we covered over the year. They can see the progress of cutting, pasting and coloring over the year. I like looking at the too! It does amaze you how it changes!

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Treats from Carson Dellosa

Treats from Carspn Dellosa

I must say- I LOVE getting a package in the mail. Especially when it’s from Carson Dellosa. The latest package I received from CD had some really great items in it! Reward Tags, Cut Outs and a File Folder Storage! Oh, my! Click on the links to see them! 

Nature Explorers Reward Tags Mini Cut-Outs Product ImageFrogs, Lizards & Snails Cut-Outs Product ImageFile Folder Storage: Gold Stars Pocket Chart Product Image

I am loving using the tags in my classroom. We call them “Brag Tags” but “Reward Tags” works too! How nice that they are done already! No prepping needed! I like to have the students keep them on a necklace. So, technically, I would need to punch a hole. Easy Peasy! They are colorful, sturdy and cute! The sayings on them a great for growth mindset, rewarding behavior and encouragement.  49 is a good quantity too. That will last a little bit of time with a classroom.

The cut outs are sooooo cute!!! We learn about reptiles and amphibians. These will be great. So many ideas to do with them. There are enough to make them an alphabet line or numbers to order. You could do rhyming words. You could use them as writing prompts. They could have the names of the students on them. They could mark writing about reptiles and amphibians. They could be used to make partners with students. So many fun activities you could do with them!

Organization! One of my favorite things to do! This file folder storage is perfect for that. It’s so fun with the gold stars on it! I could use it to store the materials for each day of the week – five pockets! Or for guided reading groups or guided math groups. Or for take to meetings, file, copy, laminate, and read. You could use it for missing work pages for the week – maybe more for older students.  Tons of ways to use it. What if you had five of them? You could make it student mailboxes. Or to hold their unfinished work, or their writing, or their reading or their math. You get the picture.  The best part to me is that on the front of the pockets is a clear, plastic label holder. Label EVERYTHING! There are two grommets to hang it from also. So command hooks or large push pins. Depends on where you are going to put it.

Thank you Carson Dellosa! You have great projects! 

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

Kindergarten Skills

Kindergarten Skills

We all know they need them.  We all know there are tons of skills needed. We all know the kids need to practice. Making a recommendations to a parent to help them practice can be hard.  Carson Dellosa has some help with that. They have a book – 100  Kindergarten Skills. You guessed it- it covers 100 skills.

It is divided into math and language arts. Yup – 50 of each. It has a nice progression of skills also. Math goes from counting  and writing 1,2 and 2 all the way through 30. There is adding, subtracting and shapes. The Language Arts starts with identifying the alphabet and moves to nouns, verbs, sentences, letter sounds – beginning and ending sounds, short vowels, rhyming and color words. There is an answer key included also.

I think this would be great for parents to work with their child over the summer. I see this going in two different ways. I see parents using this before kindergarten to help prepare them. I also see this as a good way for parents to help with summer slide. I would love for parents to do a math and a language arts page every day of the summer. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Turn off the phones and use the pages to spark some discussion and some hands on fun! This will be a great recommendation to parents.

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

100 Kindergarten Skills Workbook Product Image

Sunday, March 4, 2018

March Printables

March Printables
So March is here! Can you believe it? I always feel like we will never get here when we start school and then POOF! It’s here! I love that spring is coming soon. It’s the time in between that I’m not thrilled with. It’s a struggle getting dressed in the morning – cold in the morning, warm by the afternoon. Boots or sandals? The struggle is real. Tell me I’m not alone!
So – one thing that is an easy decision is the March Printables from Carson Dellosa! This is a great value for all that is included. There are color copies and black and white copies. So much is included. There are calendars with ideas or blank ones to fill in with what you want. There are infographics to do some serious learning. There are fun holiday pages to practice skills but in a fun way! Language Art skills, Math skills, Writing and STEM are included. A little bit of everything! There are 100 pages of good stuff in this packet.
So make sure you are one of the lucky ones in March by snagging this product at Carson Dellosa! You won’t be sorry.

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

Math 4 Today

Math 4 Today
Everything old is new again! LOL We know a good thing when we use it! Carson Dellosa has upped the daily review pages for math. All common core aligned now. 😊 This book is a great resource that is cyclical and covers tons.

There is a section for each day of the week- Monday to Thursday. Friday is an assessment day. The assessments are not exactly the same but not that different. They will have to think. There is also a fluency part for every day.

So many ways to use these pages too! Of course, you can print them off for each week. The students could keep them in a math notebook or folder. It could be part of their routine before math stations with guided math. You could put them in the page protectors and use them as a station for guided math or in a work binder. If they have a binder that has other “tools” in it –100 chart, number bond page, ten frames page, etc, - this could go in a page protector to use as a warm up lesson, an assignment, a station. Up to you! Make it work for you! You could send them home for homework! You could use them to warm up for the guided math group. Versatility people! Way to get one resource and use it so many different ways. That is value for your money!

I love that the weeks are numbered. Helps me stay focused. And it works as a little countdown to summer. (it's been cold and windy here- you hear me right?) They have also included a tracker for fluency also. Of course, there is also a chart for common core standards – by week. Great way to keep track of what has been happening. They also included a fact fluency chart to send home. It gets filled out at home and then turned in. Great way to make that home-school connection. Keep those parents informed!

This is another great way to up the ante in math instruction. It’s all in one place and easy to use. Think outside the box about how you would like to use it and then get going! Count on! Lol

Math 4 Today Workbook Product Image

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

February Printables

February – why are you so short and so full of things to do! LOL President’s Day, Dental Health month, Groundhog Day, African American History month! OMG how much can we put in a month- it’s all so important to cover!
Thank goodness Carson Dellosa has some printables for us to get through the month. These printables start with a great calendar – everything in the month is filled out. What a great resource to see all the fun things we can learn about throughout the month. There is a blank calendar also – you could fill it in with the information you will be using and send it home with the students.
There are all sorts of worksheets to use in different ways. They would be great to use for morning work, indoor recess (rolling my eyes here), center work, games or a lesson. There are infographics to use and response sheets. Math and ELA are covered. STEM is covered. You get it all. It comes in color and black and white so you can pick which one you want to print. You can always pick color and put in the write on/ write off sleeves. They even included an answer key! 😊
All in all there are 99 pages of fun for the month in one spot! That is the best part to me – no searching! Just print and go! Enjoy!
Check it out at

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning
Wrote this for Carson Dellosa and almost forgot to post it here! Good thing it isn't quite SPRING yet! lol
We had a two-hour delay today because of ice. So the thought of SPRING, even if it’s spring cleaning makes me smile.
Did your mother spring clean? My mother cleaned EVERY day! She would dust the whole house before I got up for school. The house was spotless. My theory is that is why I don’t worry so much about it. I clean don’t get me wrong – there is no filth in the house, but I don’t dust every day like my mom. I, personally, like to organize more than clean. I love taking things apart and putting them back neater. My mother is 90 – moved her two years ago to a full care facility. We “cleaned out” her house. OMG the woman saved EVERYTHING for 70 years! My husband and I have vowed not to have our children have to do that. So, we have been doing “spring cleaning” all year. We have thrown out tons! Literally! I feel like the house is skinnier! Now I want to do that in the classroom. 😊
So, Spring Cleaning in the classroom. It doesn’t really have to happen in the spring! Honestly, I think spring is too nice and too busy to do it. I tend to clean out in the winter. It’s cold and dreary anyway. You can’t sit outside on the porch. You can’t go for many walks. Our kids are older now, so we are empty nesters. But, I remember when our kids were little. Baseball and softball were every night occurrences. So, I know spring is busy. So, I try to do a little something at school every week. I try to decide what I can go through easily after school. I may even decide to spend some extra time there every two weeks or once a month or whenever I can find the time. If a cabinet or area is really driving me crazy, I try to make the extra time to get to it. It saves my sanity.
When I get to clean out I keep asking myself several questions:
1-          Have I used it in the last two years?
2-       Have I forgotten that I have it?
3-       Is it still relevant in the curriculum?
4-       Would the students even know who the picture is of? Sad how quickly the characters change.
5-       Do I have others that are similar that I like better? Or are in better shape?
6-      Is it in decent shape? Is it worn out?
7-       Could someone else in the building use it more than me?
8-       Could I send it home with a student that could use the extra practice?
OK – that is a lot of questions. But they need to be asked. I just went through my ELA materials and I found two sets of alphabet stamps that were exactly alike! (Insert eye roll here!) My co-worker is benefitting! She was so happy to get a brand-new set of alphabet stamps. My heart was happy that someone else would benefit. Win Win!
Can you find the time to empty one cabinet or drawer? I try to empty the whole thing, so I can see all of what I have. Group it into like categories. I keep most of my stuff for each month in a drawer. So, I try to put all the art projects together in that month, the math materials, the ELA materials, etc. Then I can decide – is it worth keeping? If I realize that I haven’t used it in the last several years and really don’t miss the activity, it’s gone. I make a share pile if I think someone else might want it. If I know it’s not worth anything to anyone, it’s in the recycle bin --- before I can change my mind. Then I try to put it back into my drawer in a neat organized way. Or at least, the best I can. I have been trying to clean out the drawer at the end of each month. Have I been totally successful? No. That’s ok. I’m not beating myself up about it. Who wanted to stay the last day of December and clean out? Not me! I wanted to get home and see my children!
I did the same thing with my ELA cabinet. I took everything out. EVERYTHING! As the students were dismissing one Friday, (we only have walkers), I started handing the kids items from the cabinet to put on the tables. They were thrilled to help! I was thankful for the help. Then after everyone was gone, I started sorting. I put all the alphabet stamps in one pile, the alphabet games in one pile, the sight word activities together, etc. etc. etc. You get the point, right? Then I looked through each pile and asked some questions. I have inherited some things over the years also. Teachers tend to take things “just in case”. Well, I made some tough decisions and got rid of old stuff.  My husband wasn’t working, and I asked him to come help me. We got to see each other, and I got some extra help. Ok, he saw all the things that were in the cabinet. But he is so supportive! He didn’t even roll his eyes when he saw all the stuff! I was able to put all the materials in tubs and put labels on them. That was HUGE! Now I am a happy camper! I can walk in and see what I have!
Try to use the storage containers that you already have. I know we all want to be matchy matchy, but it doesn’t have to be perfect to start. I had all sorts of tubs that were extras. I used them. It worked. I used them all. They fit. They are labeled and done. Another win win! You can always go back and get newer, cuter containers at another time. Switching those out wouldn’t take that much time.
As I have been cleaning out, I have also been taking pictures. I have been making a digital file so when I plan, I can look and see what I already have before I buy or make a new activity. Am I 100% complete with this? Of course not! Is it a great aspiration to have? YES! Will it make life easier as I go? Hopefully! Did I take pictures of everything in that ELA cabinet? No. But when I have ten minutes one day, I can. At least, it is cleaned out for now. One step at a time.
I also keep a list of things that I can do over the summer or before school starts. I add to it when I have an idea. Sometimes it takes a while to come up with a solution. Last year, I got rid of a filing cabinet in my classroom. YEA! Except I had one drawer with things that I still wanted to keep. I didn’t have anywhere to put them, but I didn’t want to keep the whole cabinet. SO, in the middle of the night, I got an idea to move two other things to other places and that freed up space for what was in the drawer and voila! I got rid of the cabinet and everything has a home. I got up out of bed to write down my thoughts, so I didn’t forget them. It was worth it. I didn’t get everything moved the next day, but I had a plan. So, write down what you want to clean out. Write down ideas of where to put things. My friend puts post it notes on things at the end of the school year – Move this next to this next year, clean out this drawer before school, put the word wall here this year. It’s a great help when you come back after summer break.

Good luck on your “spring cleaning”! It doesn’t have to be spring. It doesn’t have to be all in one day. Ask the tough questions and stay strong. We really don’t need to keep everything “just in case”. Think through what would help make your day run smoother. Think how you can make that happen in your space. Think about if you really need it or want it. If you don’t like it, the students probably won’t either. Remember, it’s a marathon – pace yourself!