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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lovely Blog Award

I have received a Lovely Blog Award!! Thank you to Sharon at
Now for the rules...
1. Follow the person who gave me the award. I am following Sharon!
2. Link back to the person that gave me the award. Sharon  Here is her link!
3. Pass to 15 new bloggers and then let them know they have received the award. Hopefully I can find 15 who have not received this award. I'm starting to hunt.
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There are soooo many great kindergarten blogs out there!! Check them all out!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book Cases Organized

This is the before of the book closet! Well, just about before - I almost forgot to take a picture! This is a mobile cabinet that houses my books. I have 3 cabinets like this. These are the books that go with each theme/unit I teach. It is organized in order that I teach the units. But as you can see - I just put stuff in front or even on top of the books - you know, the books that you find after you put the rest away, or the one you buy but don't take the time to put away correctly! :) I finally decided how I wanted to organize it better. I figured out that those cute little baskets (top corner) fit two deep and and four across. AND... they are $1 a piece at Christmas Tree Shop! So I went shopping!!! They didn't have any at the one local store. :( So I went the opposite direction and went to another Christmas Tree Shop! They were out of them also!! I started to panic! I finally decided what I wanted to do to make it easier and more efficient and I couldn't!! :( So when my husband and son asked if I wanted to tag along as they picked up a tractor (they collect lawn and garden tractors) I checked to see if there was a Christmas Tree Shop near and there was! So I tagged along and begged to stop! Of course, they did:) They are great guys! Anyway - I bought 70 boxes!!!! They are 11x11. I can fit 4 across and go 2 deep on each shelf! So I started and I am thrilled! I put each theme into a basket. Ok - so took 2 baskets! And Ok - I don't need to buy any more books, but I'm sure I will! :) I can now just go pull out the baskets that I need and things won't be falling out of the cabinet! So here are some more pictures of the progress! 
This was some of the stuff that was in-front of the books!
First shelf finished!! 
 Two shelves! 
 Look at this!! I am sooooo happy about this! I even got two baskets over from the other book cabinet! YEA!!! Less space! 
 Here is the beginning of the second cabinet! The top two shelves were books and the bottom two were puzzles and games. Of course, I didn't always use everything on those bottom two shelves because.... they were on the BOTTOM! 
 Here is the second cabinet finished!! I have all my books in two cabinets!! The top two shelves continue to have the themes. After that the baskets have the books that don't fit into the themes I am using - many left over from my second grade days (but who can get rid of them???). So I have them organized by titles in ABC order. That way when I want a certain one or a friend wants to borrow one - I can find it quickly. I even had room to put some extra "things". 
 This is the "new" third cabinet! Puzzles and games on the top two shelves. Math materials on the third one. Indoor recess materials on the bottom! I <3 this!!