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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Language Arts Interactive Notebooks from CD

The Interactive Notebook Language Arts K from Carson Dellosa is so much fun! The more hands on, the better! This is a great resource to keep those little ones busy and learning. They won’t even know they are learning – best part!

There are great tips about setting up interactive notebooks, record keeping and organization. We have seen many different ideas on the web. Do what feels right for you! You don’t have to do a notebook. You can just use the resources. You can go big or you can go small. Start where you feel comfortable and move from there.

This book covers the basics in kindergarten. Starts with the alphabet, goes to vowels, word families and sight words. It has parts of speech and sentence writing. It has literature and Informational text features. One of the best parts, to me, is it has reproducibles included. That means if I can’t find exactly what I want, I can make it. I can make it without starting from scratch! The template is there and I add what I want. The students will already know what to do with the page also, because they will have already seen something like it on another topic. Life is good when they know what to do!

We are coming up on the end of school in about 30 days!!! I can’t even believe that! It’s always hard to keep them occupied. These are the type of resources I like to look back on at the end of the year and see if there are any we didn’t do yet. They always work as a great review and they keep them busy!

I love the idea of notebooks because at the end of the year, they go home. Parents may take a little more time to look through a whole book and see what their child did. Sometimes when I send one paper home, I wonder if anyone looks at it. I also like sending home the notebook, because parents can see how much we covered over the year. They can see the progress of cutting, pasting and coloring over the year. I like looking at the too! It does amaze you how it changes!

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

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