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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I am using the @Carson-Dellosa Publishing Big Gun Ball Machine Bulletin Board set. It is very colorful and cute!  It came with the gum ball machine, an overlay for the machine door, a bubble gum header and 32 gumballs in bright colors.  It also has a reproducible of a gumball machine. I am using it in my classroom as an incentive for reading! I have written the student’s names on the gumballs. I put the names on with clips. I emailed all of the staff at my school and let them know about this bulletin board as you walk into my classroom. The staff can pick a student’s name off the machine and get that kid to read them a book from their book baggie in their chair pockets.  I put a small box on the bulletin board for the “used gumballs”! That way all of the children will get picked before a second round. I can use the reproducible as a take home note to let the caregivers know that the students were reading to an adult.  My students were VERY excited about this! They were very curious when they saw the bulletin board go up, but I didn’t tell them till the next morning what the gumballs were all about. Our music teacher stopped down yesterday and picked a student. He was so excited – almost couldn’t decide which book to read to her! I love this set because it is so versatile. I will be able to use it for many different things over the years – I can use it for this same project or have the students use the gumballs for lunch count, as a management board –either putting in or taking out the gumballs, as writing prompt ideas, as a classification activity or as a welcome to the classroom sign. The students loved it as soon as they saw it! The bright colors make it look so happy! They loved finding their names on the gumballs. It made them very proud that they can read to other people! I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and I received this bulletin board set for free to try and review.