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Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Curtains!!

Yes, I made new curtains for my classroom! They are polka dot and match much better! The sewing machine cooperated very nicely today so I had them done in about 2 hours. Ran into school quick to hang them up so I won't have to be doing that Monday morning. YEA! That made me feel so good. I think they look great. Amazing how one thing makes everything feel better. Looking forward to Monday and meeting the kids and parents!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finished Classroom (?)

It is ready to go. Well, at least for now. Is a classroom every done?? The desk is still a little messy but most everything is done! Now it is just getting the materials ready for the kids. 26 students and counting.... can't wait to meet them all! :) Don't tell my hubby, but I bought new material to make curtains... hope to get them done before Monday.... keep your fingers crossed. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Before Pictures

Here is what the room looked like when I walked in after summer vacation. The custodians did an AWESOME job cleaning! This is looking into the classroom from the hall door.
This is right inside the classroom door. I call it our mud room. I really need to clean the tops of these cabinets. Inside - BOOKS! (Don't tell my husband!! LOL )

These are the coat hooks. Don't worry - all that stuff will be put away before the kiddos get there.

This is my teacher table, guided reading table and what ever else I need it to be. I got rid of my teacher desk a year or two ago. I haven't missed it at all. :) Never sat it anyway!! I love my built in bookcases for my teacher books.

This is really fuzzy - sorry! I'm not sure what happened... This is the back wall of the classroom. I use part of the bulletin board for me. The book center is back here also - book cases on the right. I'm moving it a little this year. I'll post those pics when I'm done:)

This is the word wall. It is divided into sections. I will add the letters for each section and then we will add words as we go along. I made my curtains a few years ago - they are stars. Now I want polka dots. I'm not sure if I will change the curtains or not - depends on the cash flow.

This is looking at the front of the class. We will have our large group area in front of the smart board. The computer center is too the side.

The bathroom is at the open door. Then the sink. The other door on the right goes into the mud room but we don't use it.

This is the door into the mud room on the left and the opening on the right into the mud room. I moved the filing cabinets. It's a small bulletin board - never sure what to do with it...

Well, there it is - for now. It is a work in progress. :) It's looking better already. I'll post the finished pictures soon - hopefully:) .

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to School

Well, tomorrow I will be headed into the classroom. Mixed emotions - excited for a new year and meeting new kiddos, but summer is fun too! I want to remember to take pictures of the room before and during the transformation of getting it back to a classroom. There is a list a page long of things that need to get done in the next two weeks- both home and school stuff... maybe it will all get done! OK - getting up early tomorrow will be the hardest part:) OH- I have to pack all the stuff that I bought this summer too...

More Shopping!!

OK - My family and I just returned from vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was beautiful in the Smokey Mountains and very relaxing. We spent the day shopping around town. Found this GREAT shop with the CUTEST stuff! It's called U Name It -everything has letters on it!!   I spent waaaayyy too much $$$ but it was worth it:) The picture ( I even figured out how to change it to go the correct direction) shows what I bought. The black is a rug, the green a flag, a clipboard, an id holder, a pen and stick on polka dots!! Everything is POLKA DOTS!! That is the theme of the year, hopefully.  I got the M's for my last name.... then half way home it dawned on me I should have gotten K's for kindergarten... why can't my brain work faster!! It will be fine - I figured it will be more letters for the kiddos to recognize! :)  I loved this store! I could have bought one of everything. I think it will make the room happy! Check out the web site!!