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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend Happiness

Oh the happiness of a clean cabinet! I moved schools over the summer. We were given time to unpack, but I was shortened by two weeks. They needed to get rid of some "small visitors". I already had plans to go away - so I did. But it just meant unpacking faster and messier than I had planned. I shoved things in the closets to get the boxes emptied. I had started out a little neater, but then they said stay home and away from your room. So I shoved it all in! :-(  It's hot in the building on the weekend. I just couldn't bring myself to go in in that heat. Plus I think I might be getting hot flashes! :-0 So this Saturday I decided I wanted needed to go in! I knew my center signs were in there somewhere! I FOUND THEM!! YEA!! I pulled everything out of the cabinet and "organized" it by topic - abc's, beginning sounds, rhyming, general materials - on the tables. Then I put it all back neatly. I cleaned out too!!! I filled 3/4 of the recycling can! Yee haw! We finally switched from D'nealian to Handwriting Without Tears. So anything I had with D'Nealian went out. Sorry D'Nealian. :-( It felt really good! I also walked up to one of my teaching partners to eat lunch at her house. She makes a mean pb &j! It was just what I wanted. Then my sweet college daughter texted and said she was coming to visit and see the new school. She needed a little support with her lesson planning for her jr block! It was AWESOME to see her! She is such a big help too! I hope I helped her as much as she helped me. Now I only have the math cabinet to do, the art supplies, the 2 filing cabinets, the desk and the guided reading supplies! OH MY! One week at a time..... I'm hoping that once the cool weather starts (tomorrow!) and the meetings slow down (wishful thinking)  I won't mind staying a little after school to do one or two little clean outs! Here's hoping! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Keeping My Promise to Myself

Well, I promised myself that I would blog once a week. So I was planning on doing that Friday night and it is now Sunday night. Better late than never! I had a few ideas about what I wanted to blog about and decided I would go with what made me sooo happy this year! 
At the back to school sale on TPT this year, I bought myself Schroder Shenanigans in Second's Blog Binder. This is the link to her site about it.
This link will take you to TPT to get it.

Did anyone notice that the font changed??? I don't get it but oh well!

Anyway I loved putting it together!
It was sooo much fun! Then I laminated section dividers for it and took it to Office Max for them to bind it. I think I could be addicted to that! Even my hubby was impressed that it was so cheap to do! Plus I had a back to school coupon!! <3  AND.....  I have written my ideas in it! So far it is working! I need to write down the Linky's that I want to join in on and get the schedule down. Here's hoping!! Thank you soo much for such a great resource!!!

And the other <3 of my life right now is my Teacher Planner! I was lucky enough to win this last year from A Modern Teacher! I used some of it but didn't have take the time to get everything together that I wanted! But this summer was different!  So... I printed and organized and customized and WOW! I am soo happy! My friends are soo jealous! They think it is beautiful! And it fits my polka dot theme for my classroom.
Here is a link to April's blog:  and here is the link to TPT for you to get one too:
So here it is! I just HEART this book! And look... Office Max used a white binder! I didn't even have to ask! It just makes me happy looking at it! And it was sooo much fun to go through all the options and put in what I wanted! April, thank you for the chance to win this awesome resource! It is incredible! Sorry the picture is sideways!
Well, there - I blogged about two wonderful things I am using this school year! Here's hoping they keep me on track this year. :) Have an awesome week everyone!

Monday, September 1, 2014


Ok It has been a LONG time since I have blogged! I am really trying to make it a commitment this year! But as I type, I don't think my Currently will be able to be seen! Really - this has been a nice, relaxing day. A few little bumps in it - mostly klutzy stuff. So that's normal! I have some blog posts in my head - so hopefully that will help! OR you will get three posts in one day! lol  Here's hoping!  Oh I think I got it!! Yea me!!! I think I learned a new program too! Google Picasa! Thank you Teacher to the Core for the help! Here's hoping you hear from me a lot this year!