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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Five for Friday =on a Sunday


I wanted to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday. I had good plans to get this done- then life once again got in the way!  So I figured better late than never, so here is my Five For Friday on Sunday!


Found this at Target. It's pink, it's glittery and it's HAPPY! Perfect for my classroom! It's sitting on the cabinet and I can see it often to remind me to be HAPPY! I love/hate that dollar spot! Well, I love it, but I think the hubs doesn't so much! lol

It was the 80th day of kindergarten! I can't believe it! It is going too fast!!! The kids are even telling me what color shirt to wear under it. lol They wanted me to wear a red long sleeve, but that was in the wash. So I had to wear my white one. Kreative in Kinder has all sorts of cute shirts! 

Healthy Eating! It's a new year! Lots have changed and things should be great this year! Pasta Primevera is one of my favorites! OK- so I didn't make this. My daughter did. I taught her how - way back! She was home from college while I was back at work. So she made dinners all week! It was AWESOME! And YUMMY!!  We already went shopping this week for some more healthy meals! I will be making those myself!


 Dear Daughter went back to college today - and will start student teaching tomorrow! OMG! I can't believe it! How did that happen?!?!? She is student teaching in High School in Math! She LOVES it! I can't wait to watch her grow in this experience! Proud mama here! 

Well, these just made me happy when I saw them at Sam's Club! Years ago, my hubs and kids were shopping there and my son wanted to get me flowers -so he picked blue ones. It was Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Those blue flowers lasted until New Years. He wanted to get them because they matched our blue kitchen. That sweet "little" boy is in college - kinda far from home. These were a sweet memory! 

Well, not much school stuff there on the Five For Friday - but that's ok. It was a good week at school. The kids came back ready to learn! They said such sweet things about missing school and wanting to learn more. :) It made my heart happy! They never missed a beat. They remembered everything they needed to, to hit the road running! 

Oh happy teaching day! 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Back to School January Style

Light black gold happy new year with stripe Stock PhotographyWell, it's Sunday night and the football game is on. :-) I stayed out of the building for the whole winter break! I did it! I have been busy cleaning around the house. We have thrown out TONS! I have three bags to take to school this week. You all do that too don't you? You clean out at home and decide that you can use it in your classroom. Oh that needs cleaned out too. I'm feeling motivated though! This is the year! 
I cleaned up the emails from school - it's all fresh and ready to go! I made a list of things that I want to do tomorrow with my kinders! None of it is on the lesson plans. That's ok! I'm good with it. I knew I better make a list though or I would forget what I wanted to do with them. I really want to talk, work on, discuss, move toward a POSITIVE GROWTH MINDSET. I bought the book Mindsets In the Classroom by Mary Cay Ricci today. I'm super excited to start reading it. Probably when I'm done this post. lol 
I also bought Beautiful Oops. It's not close by ( it's in the teacher bag) or I would tell you the author. I bought Growth Mindset by Darlin' Little Learners.  I can't wait to start using it tomorrow. That's on the list! I bought The Book With No Pictures too. Ok, it was a big shopping day! It's the only day I did any over break (I think). I'm really working on having less. So purchases are just not necessary. Don't worry! I'll still be buying things! I'm a kindergarten teacher! We did stop at Target too. I didn't buy out the dollar spot, but I did snag the pink, glittery HAPPY sign! :) That's going to the classroom. Yep, it's in a bag! I don't think I'm going to take all of the bags tomorrow. I don't think I could carry them all. My sweet husband offered to take me into school today to take the bags, but I said no. I was totally enjoying vacation! BALANCE! That's a great word for the year! I've seen it floating all over. I did pick the word HAPPY. I just like being happy. We are empty nesters - it's really fun! Fun makes me happy! 

So the list for tomorrow isn't that long. But it's loaded with FUN! I can't wait to see my students tomorrow! I would love some more time off, but I do miss those little ones! I can't wait to hear about their holidays. That should be fun! I want to read Squirrel's New Year Resolution by Pat Miller tomorrow too. Then we will write some of our goals/resolutions too. Of course.

I want to remind them that they need to help me too! I started a special desk/table for our special student. It has an adult swivel chair, colored pencils, pens, etc. But I keep forgetting to remind the special student to sit there. I need them to be responsible. I need them to tell me that's what they are doing. I also want the special student to tell me of any photo opportunities through out the day. I'm so bad at remembering to take pictures. I figured they can do that! 

I also want to review seating arrangements. I want them to understand that they can choose where they want to sit - table, floor, rug. They can make that choice. I want them to be responsible. I also want to discuss if they need anything special to help make this happen. 

I also want to teach them how to answer the phone. It never fails that I am far away from the phone when it rings. I want to teach them to be polite on the phone. I want them to know who will answer the phone - special student! I have wanted to do this for awhile, but never take the time. TOMORROW IS IT!! 

I also have a guidance lesson tomorrow. Welcome back! It will be a busy, HAPPY day! I can't wait! Oh - we might get to something on the lesson plans! lol

Friday, January 1, 2016

Currently 2016

2016?!?!?! Really?? How did that happen??? I feel like it was just Christmas last year! Everyone always says that the older you get, the faster time goes. They didn't need to be correct!!!
2015 has been a crazy kinda year. I think HOPE that 2016 kinda settles down a little. I'm thinking it will. I think it will. I think it will. HAHA

Christmas break is always a great time! This year has been super nice with the weather! I can't remember another Christmas Eve service that we didn't wear coats to! Running errands wasn't so bad either. I could have gone for some more sun, but I'll take what we get.

So it is New Year's Day Evening. We ate our pork and sauerkraut. Hoping for the luck it is suppose to bring! We ate at a regular dinner time. We are having an evening! This doesn't happen often people! I'm loving that my husband has been able to have two three day weekends! That doesn't happen often either! So since he is relaxing sleeping on the couch, I can watch/ LISTEN to  HGTV! It's really just some back ground noise, but it's fun watching the warm weather places!

I am LOVING being home! I have actually gotten some things done!!! We had to take some trash down to my mom's house because I've been cleaning out so much! LOL That is feeling good! I am feeling like I am accomplishing some things! LOOK OUT!!!

Do the rest of you worry about your school kiddos when you are off? I do!! I THINK about them a LOT!  I wonder how their Christmas was. I wonder what they did for New Year's. I wonder if they had enough food, enough heat, enough love while we were apart.

So now that I said I have been thinking about my kinders, I would WANT another week off! I feel like I am getting some good stuff done! And it's finally getting colder. I am a homebody in the winter! I want to keep cleaning out and organizing and starting to work out! Well, we could hope I would start to work out!

We finished cleaning out my mom's house. Now I NEED some time to go through ALL the MILLIONS of pictures that I brought to my house! OMG Eighty-eight years of photos! I NEED to win the lottery too! Then I could afford to take all 90 reels of movies and make them into DVD's. Then I could do the same with the millions of slides! It will be so much fun to relive all the old memories. Just taking all the pictures out of the cardboard boxes and putting them into photo safe boxes was fun today! I LOVE seeing my grandparents!! Such happy memories!

HAPPY! I want this to be  a happy year! I want to stay in the moment and enjoy what happens. I will still be happy even when my kids go back to college! :) I really feel like this is a year that my husband and I will enjoy ourselves! Not that we haven't for all these years, but I think this year we can really enjoy all our hard work we have put into life!

Have a wonderful 2016 everyone! Be grateful for what happens. Be HAPPY. Be joyful. Enjoy!

So I'm starting the year off well by blogging. I'm hoping to continue!!! Fingers crossed!