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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Teaching With Intention Chapter 6 Lesson Design

Well, here we are already at Chapter 6! This book packs such a punch and is such an easy read all at the same time! Here are my thoughts on Chapter 6 Lesson Design. This is an important chapter. I love the gradual release model. I love the Lesson Design Tool (Figure 6.1). I love the plan on page 81:

  • "Teacher Modeling
  • Guided Practice Within the Lesson
  • Guided Practice Beyond the Lesson
  • Independent Practice
  • Application"
I love how she relates it to her lessons on page 83. 
  • "She explains
  • She shows kids how
  • Give significant time to practice
  • time for students to reflect, share and teach
  • assess
  • I reflect and consider next steps"
I love Figure 6.2 also. I love the chart and the time breakdown. I agree with all she has to say. I know we need to do this! I beleive this is a great way to plan. I just don't know if there are enough hours in the day! I know I don't have to do this with every lesson - well, I couldn't do this with every lesson. I know once I started doing this with some lessons, it might would become easier. I know the brain would just start thinking like this on a more normal basis. 

I show my students their new learning. I demonstrate. I model. I use gestures. I use turn and talk. I use Whole Brain Teaching - gestures, mirrors, teach-ok. I get them moving. I get them talking. 

I like the criteria for anchor charts. Sometimes I think we can get so overwhelmed with the "cuteness" we see all over Pinterest, that we forget that the anchor charts have a purpose. 

I do like the Guided and Independent Practice tool. I do think that it is very important to think this through. This is where there is so little time at school. I just wish there were not so many meetings at school and so many other things that need to be taken care of so that we could do more of this important work at school. I think sometimes we lose the focus of what we need to be doing - teaching- because of so many regulations are in place. More planning and thnking should be going into our lesson planning and not our test taking planning. I know we need to reflect, share and teach - again - time! 

I love the last paragraph of the chapter. I agree - and have- admitted when things didn't go well. That's life. There are always times when this happens. We need to be honest with the kids. This is the chance to show them that it is ok 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Infographics Workbook

Infographics! How cool is that? Carson Dellosa has a cool new tool for us to use! This book fits great into the new in-depth reading that Common Core is looking for. This covers many different content areas. I think I found one for almost all the content areas that I need to cover- including math! The pages are perforated of heavy card stock!  I’ll be taking the book apart and putting each card in with the materials for the units so I don’t forget to use one. The pictures are colorful but not over stimulating. Well labeled too! That is another bonus – use it as a modeling tool!  The topics range from insects to dinosaurs to video games – with tons in between! And the questions are on the back of the pictures! This will be a great resource to start a topic or to end a topic. It will be integrating reading and content knowledge.

Did I mention hitting the standards? What about:
·         With prompting and support, retell key details of text that support a provided main idea.
·         Answer questions about a text.
·         With prompting and support, make connections between information in a text and personal experiences.
·         With prompting and support, answer questions to connect illustrations to the written word.
·         With prompting and support, actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding
Just to name a few!  

I am (almost) looking forward to going back to school to use this great resource! What a way to increase critical thinking. Are you like me? I want to ask those higher level thinking questions and then in the moment I can’t think of any (unless I wrote them down before hand) or I get distracted by something (shoe tying, bathroom breaks, etc.) and I forget to go back and ask! Please tell me I am not alone in that! Anyway – these cards are a great starting point of questions and discussions.  It will make it easier for me to continue on the same path of higher order questions. Thank you!

I’m thinking that the few that are not covered in the curriculum I have, will be great to leave in a sub tub! Keep them thinking when I am out sick.

Well, Carson Dellosa has done it again! LOVE these! Thanks so much!

You can check out the video on line at

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and I received this product for free to try and review.

I hope you are still reading this! Make sure to follow my blog. Because soon I will be having a giveaway! Stay tuned! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Spectrum Phonics - Carson Dellosa

JPEG Image

Phonics- The simple definition from Merriam Webster is “a method of teaching people to read and pronounce words by learning the sounds of letters, letter groups, and syllables”. Kindergarten teachers do this all day long. We sing, we dance, we match, we play. Sometimes it feels like we stand on our heads to do this! Once students start making the connection – it is WONDERFUL! There are those students who just don’t seem to “get it”. They are the students who need the small group/one-on-one time. They are the students who we work it into EVERYTHING for. They are the ones who need some practice at home. We can help them get the practice they need at home by recommending Spectrum Phonics K from Carson Dellosa. You can go right now and see the page – but don’t forget to come back and finish reading!

This is a well-organized workbook. It practices what we do in school. It has a few pages for tracing lines, left to right practice and same and different. These are important skills first. The heart of the book is letters and sounds. There are three pages for each letter. Identification comes first – in isolation and in words. There is handwriting practice along with finding pictures with the beginning sound. Writing the letter and matching the sound is also included. Each letter has some different activities – no boredom here! Rhyming is included. The vowels are included with the short sound. There are consonant and vowel reviews after several letters. At the end of the book is a check-up for vowels and consonants, matching letters, recognizing letters, beginning and ending sounds and abc order. There is also a nice chart for a reference for the letters with pictures. Parents don’t need to worry because the answers are given also! J
Check out this video about it!

This would make a great review book for the summer. It would be a great supplement for parents to support their child’s school learning. This is just one in the Spectrum series – there is math, reading, language arts, writing, spelling and sight words also available. What great resources to help the students!

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and I received this product for free to try and review.