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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Educents out this site! You can get a gift card to use when it launches! I'm excited to see what it is like!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Honorable Mention!!!!

We got an honorable mention!! I'm so excited and proud of my kiddos! We voted on what songs we wanted to sing and ended up sending all the videos in! I love the ee and ea song! Keep scrolling down till you see the phonics song section. This just fills my bucket to over flowing! Thank you Heidi! We love singing all the songs! Find the videos on my blog!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Complete Common Core Kit and Standards Pocket Chart

The Complete Common Core Kit and the Daily Standards Pocket Chart from @Carson- Dellosa are so helpful and timely! The Common Core Kit has cards for the language arts and math standards! How nice for us teachers! The pocket chart is perfect for putting these cards into them. I love the fact that the cards are two-sided – one side has the standard on the card, on the other side is an “I can” statement. I love the fact that it is kid friendly! (OK – it makes it easier for me also!) The pocket chart holds five cards! Wait- they are easy to change out because there are lovely dividers for each topic in the standards! You won’t have to search through all the cards to find the one you need. Oh wait… the cards are divided into math and language arts- and color coded dividers make it even easier! One color for each subject! The pocket chart is just the right size too! Not too big, not too small! This is a product that will be very handy as we all move towards common core in the future. This will be one of those items that make our lives easier in the classroom! I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and I received this product for free to try and review.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dollar Store Finds

Well, last week we had a Snow day, but... we had NO SNOW! My dear daughter and her roommate were home for spring break. So we did what all good girls do - we went shopping!! Nothing like a rainy day at a Dollar Tree! lol And to think, these ideas were BEFORE I went to the Pa Kindergarten Teachers Conference! I have even more ideas now! hee hee
These are the things I picked up!
These fly swatters were just too cute to pass up! They will be GREAT pointers and are looking oh, so SPRINGY!! The kiddos will love using the word wall and finding words around the room with them!

 These are magnets for my little snack fridge in the room! These must be the hottest new things instead of window clings. :)

 I'm not totally sure how I will use these hats yet but I couldn't resist! I know we can use them for cone shapes in math - 3-d shapes in common core! But I'm thinking "word wizard" or "special student" or... share some of your ideas with me!
 I got these to put away for next year! I missed most of Read Across America week with the conference. :( But I'm thinking next year- we can do something with these! I Wish that I had Duck Feet or The Foot Book. I have a whole year to think about it! Now- not to lose them till next year!
These will be out at centers soon! I have some of those egg holders shaped like a bunny and an egg - got those at Walmart a few years ago. I think I will use these to practice making one to one correspondence with numbers. I could do lower/uppercase letters too. I could do rhymes, beginning sounds, vowels... Oh my! Do I need to go back and get more???

So looking forward to going back to school tomorrow! It's been awhile since I have seen my kiddos! Hope they are ready for me! haha Thanks for reading this long post! I'm hoping to get back on soon and discuss the Pa Kindergarten Teacher Conference - especially meeting Dee Dee Wills and Lori Elliott!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket Contest  YES, you heard it right! Carson Dellosa is offering a golden ticket - either on line or at a store. This would be super duper exciting to win! $500 cash!! You buy a super cute bulletin board and inside could be a golden ticket! Either way it is a win win! Check out the link!!