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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend Happiness

Oh the happiness of a clean cabinet! I moved schools over the summer. We were given time to unpack, but I was shortened by two weeks. They needed to get rid of some "small visitors". I already had plans to go away - so I did. But it just meant unpacking faster and messier than I had planned. I shoved things in the closets to get the boxes emptied. I had started out a little neater, but then they said stay home and away from your room. So I shoved it all in! :-(  It's hot in the building on the weekend. I just couldn't bring myself to go in in that heat. Plus I think I might be getting hot flashes! :-0 So this Saturday I decided I wanted needed to go in! I knew my center signs were in there somewhere! I FOUND THEM!! YEA!! I pulled everything out of the cabinet and "organized" it by topic - abc's, beginning sounds, rhyming, general materials - on the tables. Then I put it all back neatly. I cleaned out too!!! I filled 3/4 of the recycling can! Yee haw! We finally switched from D'nealian to Handwriting Without Tears. So anything I had with D'Nealian went out. Sorry D'Nealian. :-( It felt really good! I also walked up to one of my teaching partners to eat lunch at her house. She makes a mean pb &j! It was just what I wanted. Then my sweet college daughter texted and said she was coming to visit and see the new school. She needed a little support with her lesson planning for her jr block! It was AWESOME to see her! She is such a big help too! I hope I helped her as much as she helped me. Now I only have the math cabinet to do, the art supplies, the 2 filing cabinets, the desk and the guided reading supplies! OH MY! One week at a time..... I'm hoping that once the cool weather starts (tomorrow!) and the meetings slow down (wishful thinking)  I won't mind staying a little after school to do one or two little clean outs! Here's hoping! Thanks for reading!


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    1. Well, isn't that the sweetest thing!!! Thank you!!!