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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beginning of School

What a beginning of the school year! I love that we start with 2 four day weeks - it makes it easier on all of us:) But 2 four day weekends!! That is crazy! We had our first week - which I also love! First day - meet the kids and I get to talk to the parents. 2nd and 3rd day - 1/2 the class comes each day. Makes it much easier to teach the first things we need to learn. The 4th day - we are all together:) Then 4 day Labor Day weekend! Good for all of us. Then we had 2 days to start the next week and 2 days off because of flooding! CRAZY!! The 2 days we were in were also indoor recess. Boo hoo! So we had another 4 day weekend. This could prove to be a long 5 day week. We have not built up any stamina! It will come, but it will take awhile. I'm hoping for sunshine all week so we can at least get out to recess. There were a couple criers - they were pretty good on Wednesday but I have a fear that it will start over on Monday when we go back. All will be fine - eventually. :) We are working on independence also. It is hard for some students to have to do things on their own, but I am not able to do all things for them - especially with 25 in the room. Patience and time are our motto right now. And getting into school! :) Looking forward to starting all over again tomorrow! Bring on the smiles!

Did you hear about looking for Chester through out the school? Did you hear he baked us cookies? Did you see our rainbow squares? Did you see how to make a and b in sign language? Did you hear about the teddy bear counters? Did you hear about the parts of the brain? I hope you heard some things from the kids! Lots more to come! 

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