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Saturday, May 5, 2012

ABC Countdown!

I can't believe that we have started our ABC countdown! Where did the year go? I love this idea of reviewing the letters in such a fun way! The kids were so cute showing their stuffed animals for A. Why didn't I take pictures? I need to upload the pictures from the bubbles. You would have thought I had given some of them gold! My favorite was one little one asked "Can we take these home at the end of the day?" Before I could get my answer out, another boy said, "NO, she will need these for next year's kindergarteners!" The look on their face was priceless when I said, "Of course you will get to take them home at the end of the day! They have your initials on them don't they?" That is what is so great with kindergarten! I think they are picking up the hint though that there are some goodies with the letters. After we tallied our favorite candy, one girl said, "This has made me hungry for candy." She had that look in her eye like please have some for us! Of course I did!!! I love to eat it too!

On a side note- I like the new blogger info! I was so excited seeing that my blog was visited 19 times today! WOW!!! I need to get my act together and blog more often... goal, goal, goal! It needs to become routine! Thanks for all of you that stop by!

Keep checking back in!

Oh, one more thing - the kids are LOVING the gumball machine and reading to other teachers!! They are soo proud of their accomplishments! :) It does a heart good!


  1. On Monday, its our letter K day. We're going to have kool-aid flavored popsicles. Hard to believe its here already... but I am also quite ready for it! Bring on the summer!
    -Leslie @KindergartenWorks

  2. We are only up to d - what are our dreams! K for us is Kick off your shoes! Barefoot in kindergarten!

  3. Hi Krissy,

    I am your newest follower - cute blog!

    Stop on over to my blog if you wish!