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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teacher Week '13

This is the story of my life! Day late and dollar short! I had every intention of starting this on Monday! Honest! Who knows what happened?? OK We all know what happened! Back to School getting ready!! LOL

I think this 10 fun things will be hard- I don't think I am that fun! I will try!!

1- I have taught second grade for 16 years! Well, 14 - because I took a year off with each child. Then I moved to kindergarten! It was always my dream to teach kindergarten! Dreams do come true! Second graders do not feel bad!! I loved it!!! But I think my true calling is kindergarten!

2- I am HAPPILY married to the best man in the world! We have been married for 26 wonderful years and have known each other for  30 years! WOW!!! It doesn't seem possible but so happily true! I really believe that we bring out the best in both of us!

3- I have 2 wonderful children! Our daughter is going to be a sophomore in college!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!? She is studying education also - but doing that secondary thing in math!! haha I don't understand it but totally support her! Good thing that we each find the best place to teach! She will be a MAZing!!! Our son will be a junior in high school! Another OH MY!!! He is the best! Always makes me laugh!!

4- I love the beach! I would love to be able to have a house there one day! Even though I don't swim in the ocean water! I especially love the Maine beaches!

5- I love music!! My ipod is very eclectic! I have 80's music ( just gave my age away didn't I??), hard rock, country, classics ( Rod Stewart doing those from 40's and 50's), pop, alternative, easy listening... My favorite this summer is Blurred Lines! Really if it has a good beat, I will sing and dance to it!!

6- When I was growing up, I learned to play clarinet - even though I wanted the drums or the trumpet or the trombone! My mom wanted me to play a "girl instrument".  I also took organ lessons. I loved that when I was taking them. We have a piano and when I find the time I sit down and play... not often enough!

7- I love setting up my classroom! I know we all do! It is just so much fun! It seems to be so much more popular now though! YEA!!!

8- I want to go get my doctorate one day. That is another dream - to teach at a college. One day...

9- My favorite show is Sex and the City. I know it's not on anymore! :( I can probably recite every episode any way! I often think that if I hadn't gotten married, I would have moved to NYC. lol

10- I know more about John Deere lawn and garden tractors than I ever thought I could/ would! Some how my husband and son started collecting them! They have taught me tons!

I hope these were fun!! I think I'm pretty boring - so I hope these facts didn't bore you!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing! We have a lot in common! Have a great year! (I too, can recite the shows from S&TC!!