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Sunday, January 11, 2015


Looking forward to a fun week of winter activities! Doing lots of fun things - well I hope they are fun for the kiddos! My goal this week is to take pictures of the fun activities so I can link back to the great people and show them their products in use! Goal #2 is to take some before and after (which means I would need to do something)pictures of my teacher desk for #teachersgetorganized2015
Goal #3 do some decluttering at home - 15 minutes each day. How can it be January 11th and I haven't done that yet?!?! Goal #4 - which probably should be first goal - is to make my student teacher feel welcome in the classroom! Can't wait! I love having another person there to bounce ideas off of and laugh together at the kiddos. 
Well, here's hoping for a two hour delay on Monday - a girl can hope! It might be a wintery mix...;-)

Well - a small post, but a post! Trying to keep that goal of blogging once a week. I know it's nothing thrilling, sorry, but it's a start! Hopefully more next week! 

Thanks for reading! 

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