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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Teaching With Intention

I am so excited about doing this book study! I think I have felt this way for a long time but Debbie Milller has (as usual!) done a much better job of putting it into words!  I am sorry I am a little late getting to chapter 1 - my "baby" graduated high school last Wednesday! OMG - how did that happen??? I was just snuggling and giggling with him yesterday! And then it was the end of school - there has to be a better way?? WHY OH WHY do we have to put EVERYTHING away to just come back in a few weeks and put it back out???? It is crazy! I am NOT counting how few weeks we have between though! I'm living and having fun this summer!

On to the book club...

I just finished my first year in this classroom. I know I did NOT have it arranged the way I wanted to  have it. I was doing pretty good unpacking and then I couldn't go in for 2 weeks because there were mice in the school - my room was one place :(  -  and they needed me to stay out. So by the time I got back in, it was time to set up. I wasn't real happy with how it turned out. I think I have a better idea for this year. Hopefully!

As all have been saying - I  want it to look nice with student work every where. I want them ENGAGED in THEIR learning! I want them to be able to use supplies correctly and neatly. I want comfort. I want talking about topics. I want laughter. I want homey feelings. I want caring amongst the students. I want colorful. I want that "perfect" classroom. I want the students to feel safe. I want them to be responsible for themselves. I want them to be respectful of the room, the adults and each other. I want anyone who enters to feel like they are walking into a wonderful learning environment.

We are all learning! We are working together, seperately,on the rug, at tables, with materials, with technology, with books, with pencils, with whatever we need! I want them to be more independent and take more control of their learning. This is what I want to work more on this year. I want to be more of a facilitator than a teacher. This happens, but not as much as it should. I really think I could go with no tables or desks like @kindergartensmorgesboard. Just really need to think this through and be ready in the fall. And discuss it with the principal.

Well, I just told you that I want to work on being more of a facilitator this year. I also want to work on finishing organizing this "new" classroom. I want to go through my stuff and make sure that it is where it makes the most sense, all like items together. And if I haven't touched it in 2 years - it is GOING OUT!!! Why have stuff if you or the kids aren't using it! I know I packed it up and moved it. I know I should have thrown some more stuff out before I moved but.... baby steps people! Baby steps! I think this will help with not bogging us down with "stuff" and make sure that we are working together.

I believe I have a happy, fun filled classroom. I think it looks and feels inviting and colorful. I think I  work at creating a caring and loving atmosphere for the students. We have different places we can go to work on things in the room. Want to make sure that we preserve those and add to it this year. I know the students and I work hard at creating a community feel within the classroom.

Well, I am sure that I have not thought of everything I would like in my ideal classroom. But this is a start! Thank you for reading this little blog post! #teachingwithintention

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