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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Currently 2015


* I love Friends! Not many sitcoms I like to watch anymore. This was a classic! 

*I love being home! I DO love my job! But really? Who wouldn't just rather be home and taking care of all the things around the house? Maybe just a year off to read ALL the books in ALL the piles, go through ALL the stuff in the house, finish ALL the scrapbooks....

* I'll get to the plans. They are not for the week we come back, so that is not helping. Those plans are done and prepped. Thank goodness! Thank goodness for the three of us working together! 

*OK - my goal is to do a little every week! I just want to go through one drawer, one cabinet at a time. I'm not thinking (well, trying not to!) about the whole room, basement, cabinet. I just want to do one little part at a time. I will not be THAT sentimental with it all! I will let it go!  Seriously - who needs all this stuff!!! It's not helping that I know my mom and the in laws have full houses too! I'm not inheriting all of that stuff too! 

*ok - I should do something around this house, but I'm ok if I don't either! It will still be there tomorrow! I'm not beating myself up about it! 

*I will use my treadmill more this year. I will get on it, instead of facebook, instead of watching Friends - yes, I know I could watch and walk at the same time! 

*OH that new classroom! It is driving me crazy! I can't find anything! I know where it was in the old classroom! That is not helping though. I  don't want to give up my life either in there but I need to straighten it up - and purge in there too! lol It's a great size room, but there are diagonal walls, some windows and little storage! One day at a time! One day at a time! 

* I wish to live in the moment! I don't want to get soo caught up in all this organizing and purging that I miss all the good stuff! I just want to keep it all good! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Hope that all goes well for everyone in 2015! Be safe if you are going out. Hubs and I are spending a quiet night together. That's fine with me! Enjoy!!! 


  1. I need to walk also! I want my old body back.

  2. I really need to exercise more too! I have a lot of organizing and purging to do at home, so I feel your pain. Happy New Year!
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