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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Teaching With Intention Chapter 7

Well, here we go again! It's that time 
of the week when I am late to the party. Sadly I HATE being late! I cringe, I sweat, I rush to not be late! But somehow - in this blog world- I am late to the link up every week. MAYBE that will change soon when the kids leave for college and we are just two people in the house again. Come on! Let me dream! 

OK Chapter 7! Why can't I be Debbie Miller? She is so smart! This is a short and powerful chapter. I kinda wanted it to go on a little more. I sat down in my comfy chair on the deck, had my feet up enjoying the BEAUTIFUL cool evening and then the chapter ended. The thoughts were going through my mind though! 

I love Debbie's simple definitions of summative and formative assessments. I know them but love how she put them - that's what I want to tell the student teachers, the parents, and anyone that might ask. :-) You know sooo many people ask about them! The quote from Erma Bombeck is perfect also! How sad will it be when people don't know who Erma Bomback is?? :-( 

OK here we go:
Conferring- I love this part of the job. BUT it doesn't happen often enough. I love doing this during writing. I truly gives an insight into how the kids are thinking. BUT I need to do it more and in all subjects! (YEAR GOAL!)
Listening in- I have my notebook! It's ready! It's blank! I have had it for years and haven't used it yet! It has The LIttle Prince on it. My sweet niece gave it to me! <3 I'm using it this year! I am going to really listen in and record what they say. Why is it that every time I start to do this the phone rings or the intercom goes off or someone is at the door? We really need to not have so many interruptions. 
Observing - This is going in my book too! I need to write it down as it's happening. I have looked out at those faces and thought - "They are not with me." I have changed course. I knew in that moment why they weren't with me- but by the end of the day - I forgot! Too many things needing to be done and I can't remember it all. So that notebook may only last me till October! lol
Examining Student WorK Samples - I love walking around and examining them as they are working, conferring and listening in. It's so great to help and change those misconceptions right there as they are happening. Then I always find one at the end of the day as I go through them again that I think "How did I miss this?!?!?!" I thought I was looking at every one's. I thought they were doing great. OH - then it's the next day to get them back to change their thinking. Does this happen to any one else? Am I the only one?
Charting Student Thinking - Those anchor charts are getting ramped up this year. I am making sure we are doing tons and recording that thinking! 
Reflecting, sharing and teaching- I'm MAKING the time! I'm going to concentrate on the students and my teaching. NOT ALL THE MEETINGS!!! 

So assessment time is MUCH better with ESGI though! I BIG PUFFY HEART ESGI! I don't know how I lived without it. I had heard about it and did a little investigation but not enough. Then I WON a year of it! LIFE CHANGING!!! I couldn't go without it now! I don't like all the assessments we have to do but we have to do them. I want to keep working on being present in their life and letting them lead the ways. I want to make sure that I pay attention and not get too caught up in the every day stuff of teaching. 

It's those next steps that are so important after all this assessing! How can we make sure their thinking is on track? How can we make sure they are moving further? How can we make sure they are "getting it"? Sooo much to do and only 180 days to get it all done! 

Well, one more week of this book club! I'm going to miss it. I can't wait to read the next chapter! See you next week! I"m sure I'll be late, but I'll be here! 

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