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Monday, August 10, 2015

Carson Dellosa #2

Well, I am loving this new Carson-Dellosa Colorful Chalkboard D├ęcor. Here is an official link!  This is a really a cute set!

 It has a lot in the set too! There is a bday chart, calendar, incentive chart, all-purpose chart (this has one of those cute and popular banners going across the top), calendar pieces and a door label. I LOVE the colors – they are bright but not overpowering. It’s somehow perfect bright! It’s got that nice chalk look too – you know like you colored it in. So here are some of my thoughts about how I will use this – I haven’t started decorating my room yet! AGHHH!!! Well, I’ve been in rearranging and pairing down on furniture. Now it will be time to start decorating! So – the bday chart is pretty obvious. ;-) I’m going to laminate it first so I can write the names and dates on it year after year. I’m planning on adding the kinders pictures to it also. I’m thinking around it – each one by the month. I might use the cute matching border, which is straight edge- as a frame for each picture. That would look super coordinated! 

The calendar is so cute and colorful. It has little birthday cover ups too. I’m not sure how I will use this. I usually do calendar on my smart board. So I will be thinking about what to do with this one. The cover ups I could use in different ways. I will laminate those too- laminate everything! I thought about using the numbers as place markers for the kinders to line up. I also thought about using them as center labels. The incentive chart – I really like how they did this. The color is on the sides but the main part is plain – easier to read and use! I’m not sure about this one yet either. So many ideas- improving behavior, building stamina, sight words learned, standard learned, etc.  I don’t want to put things on there that would cause some kinders to feel like they are not keeping up with their peers. I want it all to be positive! The all-purpose chart – yes, I will laminate that too! I think that may be outside the door. I would love to use it for parent info but the parents don’t come to the door for drop off or pick up. :-( I could use it as “Where is Our Class?” sign. I could use it for sight word of the day/week. I could use it as a message board to the kinders. I could use it for an exit ticket. I could use it as a “password” out the door – you know –they have to read the word to get past. So many plans! The door label- well,, duh! That will be on the door. I’ll write our class room number and my name on it. WAIT …. I could use some of the letters to spell my name. Well, might need to check the size! Could combine the two to make a cute welcome sign!

 I’ll be sure to post a picture when I figure out what I’m doing! Lol Won’t be this week though! Taking #2 child to college – 20 hours away! :-0 OK can’t talk about that anymore! I love the letters from the Colorful Chalkboard set. They have different patterns- solids, stripes, polka dots! All in that cute chalkboard look! The border is two sided also! Polka dots and stripes. I like that they are straight borders too. I know I said that already! So I must really like it! It’s just a nice change. I think you can use them for more than just borders that way! So ingenious! WOW! If it wasn’t almost my bedtime, I think I would head into school and get decorating! LOL That’s what tomorrow is for! Carson-Dellosa did a very nice job again! Way to go!! Here is a video of ideas to use this cute stuff too!  I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

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