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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Carson Dellosa Common Core Assessment Record Book

I am sooo excited to share the news! I am a Carson-Dellosa Brand Ambassador! This is awesome! They send me products and I get to use and review them! AND…. There may just be a giveaway sometime!
 Look at the size of that box!!! You know there is good stuff in there!!

Now look at all the good things inside! I’ll be blogging about all them! So stay tuned

So I need to tell you about the first product!

Carson Dellosa has done it again! I cannot believe that they read my mind! LOLI have been thinking about a common core checklist book and thinking about how to make one and then they did! SO MUCH EASIER!
This is a fairly thin spiral bound book. Love that it can lay flat or be turned in half. (you know what I mean right? Only looking at one side of the book at a time! ) I’m hoping the spiral lasts through the year – that is the only thing with spirals – they can snag!  I was wondering though if it should have 3 hole punches also. Then I could put it directly into my data binder. There’s a thought for next year @CDpub!

Inside is great! There is one page of instructions. That’s it! No wasted pages that we won’t read anyway! Quick and to the point! YES! Please don’t waste my time with stuff I’m not going to read or need.
The standards are all listed my subject Math and Language Arts all at a glance. Then they are broken down by topics. AND COLOR CODED! Yes – the glance section has the color that is used in the section. The color is also on the edge of the paper as a tab like system for that standard! It’s awesome!
But wait – there’s more! If you buy it now you also get 2 pairing knives! NO NO NO!!! JUST KIDDING!!! At the beginning of each section, it tells you the standards again for that group AND gives a crosswalk! Vertical Alignment!!! So it tells you what is before and what is after for each grade! Now kindergarten has prekindergarten listed and there are not common core standards for prek, so they just put items that they should be able to do before coming to kindergarten. How nice will this be when we are sitting in a grade level meeting and can’t remember what they need to know next year?!?!
The recording pages are nice! There is space for five students on each page. They give you enough pages for 30 students! Let’s hope we don’t need that many! Lol There is space for names, dates or quarter of year, proficiency levels and notes. Yes, some pages have more room than others for notes because of how many standards there are. Don’t really know any other way this would work. Well, we could teach less… LOL There is also a blank page in the back if you need more!

This is almost one of those things that is too pretty for me to write in! I will get there but I will be making sure my class list is finalized before I write names in. OH you know I’m using matching pens for each color section! I have too! It will look so pretty! The students will all be advanced- just because!
I really think this will be an asset for all of us! It seems well organized and user friendly! Let me know if you get one and how you like it! I’ll keep you posted also!

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review. 

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