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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Carson Dellosa Applying the Standards Evidence Based Writing

Here is another good resource for writing. Carson Dellosa's Applying The Standards.This is a good resource to help students with using evidence based writing. It is a good start for teachers also. As we all get use to the new standards, we need some help too. This can not be used independently - at least with my kinders- but I will certainly use this as a resource to help keep me on track!  I would love to have these in a Smart Board format to share large screen with the class. The book has included a lot of information - Common Core alignment chart, assessment rubric, writing checklist, writing process packet and a key for planning and implementation.  They have graphic organizers too. I really think this is a resource that I will be able to use to model and work together. I like the fact that it has checklists for the students = there are visuals and words. What a good way for the kids to make connections. There is a checklist for the five steps of writing- brainstorm, draft, revise, edit, and publish. There is also one for peers to check. The stories/ideas are good and relevant to kindergarten (although not independent reading). The graphic organizers are helpful and appropriate too. We can use them other times also - always coordinating things! The ideas for think and revise are very appropriate also. These will be nice to do whole group and then hopefully move onto independent skills! It will certainly make a good foundation for the student's writing! Here is a video to watch about them also! 
I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

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