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Sunday, June 5, 2011

End of School

Well, this will be the last week of the school year! Hard to believe it goes so fast! We will be having a Fun Day on Thursday. K-6 will be mixed together to go to 4 different stations throughout the day. We have 4 rotations of the 4 stations. The kids will get to work in computer labs, play bingo, play board games and carnival games. It should be a great day! We did something similar at Christmas and the students had a great time. The teachers did too! It kept them occupied and no one was trying to fill up the day. :) I hope we have good weather and it goes just as well!

I have started read Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations.  (That is also why I started this blog:) ) I think I will have the students help sort some of the math materials also. That will keep them busy putting all the linking cubes into towers of 10 by colors! Productive for all of us! I can't wait to get some new ideas of this topic! I want to change some things up for next year, so this will be a great place to start!

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