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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chapter 6 and 7

Place Value:
I like the idea of getting to know numbers first. This will be the basis for year. I always start counting by 10's, 5's and 2's before the Saxon series does. This is a great thing to practice in those minutes when the kids are lined up and ready to go on time:) I also try to use that idea of counting eyes, ears, etc. that Debbie Diller mentioned. I also open up both hands as we count by 10's -get it? The hands are closed and then we open them to show 10 fingers. I also alternate that as we count by 5's. I remember my dad doing this with me when I was little. It still makes me smile when the kids count their fingers to get to 5! I love the idea of the paper clips in groups of tens with the calendar. I am trying to think if it would work on the smart board - or should there be something there for them to physically see and touch?? Glad to hear that the 100th day is helpful! Like we would have stopped celebrating! lol

I like using the Math dvd from Heidi Songs to help learn the shapes.  This is the link for the shape songs. The 3d shapes are at this link: 

I use pattern blocks all the time but I don't think I have used my attribute blocks lately. I wonder why? Did I think that the k's couldn't use them like the 2nd graders? I'm not sure. I will be getting those out though this year!! MODEL MODEL MODEL!! I will need to remember to share these with the kids and discuss what to do with them - and add that vocabulary!!

Puzzles- oh my! This always amazes me that they don't know how to put puzzles together. Again - I remember my dad and I doing a puzzle on the card table in the family almost every winter. We ALWAYS started with the edge! We would stay up for hours doing these! My kids and I do the same thing in the winter. My problem is that once I start.... I like to finish the whole thing and can't stop! :)

I agree that the manipulative should not be paper for the k's. I am thinking that a place mat in the tub with the manipulative might help them to manage keeping the materials in a certain area and help keep the noise down. I think plastic ones might be best - that way the materials will be flat on them - a material place mat would not be conducive to keeping things even and would frustrate the kids.

I love the shape books that others posted on their blogs. Such great resources!


  1. A placemat to define the workspace is exactly what Montessori classrooms do. However, a plastic placemat may not fit efficiently in your tub because it wants to always lay flat. Instead, consider a heavy woven mat. It can roll very easily and always lays flat. You can find inexpensive ones in a pack at Big Lots. --- ardisK in MI

  2. Ardisk- I don't want to use the hard plastic ones. I was thinking of the "softer" kind - they look like material ones but are plastic and more flexible than the hard plastic ones - almost like a fabric. Pretty hard to explain. I have some at school but and know they can fold up but don't know how to explain them so well:( Maybe the word vinyl is the word I am looking for.