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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Ok I am getting into this blogging thing! I love finding all the other blogs to check out! Although I have blogged away a few afternoons this summer by stalking! lol

I wanted to share one of my favorite web things! Portaportal! This is a site where you can save and categorize your bookmarks! I was always frustrated when I would find a site at school and then get home to work on something and couldn't find the same site! Then I found portaportal:) I heart portaportal! You can make categories and put the sites under the category you want - centers, math, reading, BLOGS! Then you can access it from any computer!!!!! I have been at in services and used other people's computers to find a site we were talking about, I have been at a grad class, and I have been at home on any of the computers and been able to get to the site I wanted! You can also add notes - you know to remind yourself why you liked the site! You can even add little icons:)

I can also share my portaportal with student teachers and fellow bloggers:) They can't edit my sites but can look through them. The only thing I wish it did was tell me if I had the site on already when I go to add it again! LOL If you go to the site htt  p://
and out in user name:moritz you can see my sites. There are some doubles - sorry! It's on the list to clean up this summer. Not all of them are school ones- some are for other things:) Life beyond school!
I hope someone else finds this site useful! I love the ease of it and being able to access it from any computer. Enjoy!

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