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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I heart Ikea!! Actually got out of there with very little today but still a fun trip with my son and fellow teacher friend! So last year I bought the round rugs at Ikea to spruce things up around the room and add some fun.   So they matched the colors of the tables. I ended up not using them too much because we had 27 k's in the room when we started so I needed to rearrange and put anything extra away. We ended up hiring a third k teacher and we dropped down to 20 kids. By that time though I never really got them back out. Now with the Math Station blog going on and the mind going.... when I went today I found these bath mats ( washable:}) and the mind clicked! I can use the ones from last year and this year as the places for the kids to take their math station to work on. :) I can use the shapes and the colors to distinguish where they should go! Nice to be able to think of a reason to use something so cute! They should be just the right size for 2 kids to sit together and work. I love the colors! It was a nice day! Thanks Ikea!!


  1. I finally got to go to an IKEA in April. I loved everything that I bought and I loved the prices. Sounds like you had a great time!! Just found your blog and became a follower!

  2. Thanks Busy Bee! I do love Ikea's prices too :)

  3. Oh my gosh! You are brilliant! I am probably going to have 30 students so I was struggling with figuring out how to designate 15 spots for math stations - the bath mats are perfect (and I love the price)!!! Are they comfy to sit on?

    Here is my confession: I have only been to Ikea once and I HATED it! It was too big and overwhelming for me. But I did buy some great stools for my classroom - they look like trashcans and my kiddos love them!

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